Summer 2013 Honor Students

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Tri-County Community College (TCCC) would like to congratulate the following students on being selected for academic honors for the 2013 summer semester.

Tena N. Anderson, Traci L. Anderson, Bryan M. Holloway, Gail L. Hopkins, and Nathan L. West.

Rebecca A. Hand and Amy B. Lovingood

Ashley M. Bjorneboe, Amanda R. Coker, Laura M. Harbin, Brad T. Johnson, Mark H. Ledford, Romulo I. Maguina, Grace C. Metzger, Julia A. Moss, and Katherine G. Shanley

Julie D. Roper

Ruby M. Alexander, Kathy Carlisle, Sandra C. Carroll, Kathy J. Cope, Carolyn L. Cordell, Ryan P. Dockery, Eric T. Gibson, David R. Hughes, Rebecca L. Mashburn, Angela E. O’Connor, Mitchell A. Oriente, Jessica S. Orton, Sandra K. Stewart, April Trantham, and Allie G. Wilkins

Nicholas C. Brown, Lance T. Buchanan, Kathryn R. Haney, Emily W. Hooper, John D. Moody, Eva L. Pressley, Rhonda G. Robinson, Jelena Foley Spencer, Kosal Thach, and Vanessa L. Welch