$40,000 grant boosts skills

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$40,000 grant to TCCC to help boost skills of local workers

Evan Deweese, student in TCCC’s machinist training program, operates a machine during class at the TCCC Center for Applied Technology Building in Marble on March 8.

$40,000 grant to TCCC to help boost skills of local workers

The Tri-County Community College (TCCC) Foundation recently received a $40,000 grant from the Duke Energy Foundation for its Workforce Advancement and Training Initiative.

“The goal of the Workforce Advancement and Training Initiative is to move workers who are currently in assembly positions to more valuable skill positions,” said Paul Worley, TCCC’s director of workforce and economic development.

“The grant from the Duke Energy Foundation will help expand the skilled workforce for our region, and also increase the ability to grow and create jobs for businesses within our local community,” Worley said.

The grant will help train 50 students in TCCC’s machinist training program for three semesters. Students in the program receive training through Tooling U-SME, a hybrid curriculum that allows for both online components and hands-on instruction.

“Developing the local workforce benefits us all,” said Lisa Leatherman, Duke Energy government and community relations manager. “Our investments come full circle when many of the local students we support go on to work for local businesses, and those businesses then gain skilled workers trained to meet the community needs.”

The Duke Energy Foundation annually funds more than $25 million in charitable grants, with a focus on education, environment, economic and workforce development and community impact.

For more information regarding TCCC’s machinist training program, please contact Worley at (828) 835-9564, ext. 204.