7 Reasons for TCCC

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Seven Reasons Why Your High School Student Should Attend Tri-County Community College

The end of high school is an exciting time for both students and parents alike. Unfortunately, with the wide selection of institutions and increasing tuition, it can quickly become a stressful time as well. Cut down on your stress levels and make an informed decision! Here are seven reasons why your high school student should attend Tri-County Community College (TCCC).

The Ability to Start Early

Thanks to the Career and College Promise Program, many of our popular introductory courses are offered online to eligible high school juniors and seniors. This enables your high school student to experience the rigor of higher education, while earning dual credit and building their high school and college GPAs. Did we mention that tuition is FREE?

Transfer Credit

Academic work completed at Tri-County Community College that is covered by the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) will transfer into all other institutions in the North Carolina system of colleges and universities. The CAA guarantees the general equivalency transfer of the core curriculum throughout the community college system.

This enables graduates of TCCC with an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science to be admitted to the North Carolina University System as a junior.

Smooth Transition

One of the most difficult transitions between high school and a university is the increase in class size. Class sizes of 200 students are not uncommon in some of the larger universities. TCCC is able to provide a smaller, more intimate class setting. With an average class size of only 14 students, TCCC instructors are able to devote more time to help your student succeed.

Lower Tuition Cost

Attending a four year university is expensive. Spending your first two years at TCCC is an excellent way to alleviate some of the burden of rising tuition costs. Additionally, TCCC offers more than $30,000 annually in scholarships for students. The following is a chart of tuition costs for TCCC and several popular universities in North Carolina:

School Cost of four semesters of full-time enrollment
Tri-County Community College  $ 3,317
UNC- Asheville $ 8,822
Western Carolina University $ 8,660
Appalachian State University $ 8,850
NC State University $ 10,948
UNC – Chapel Hill $ 11,250
Montreat College $ 41,152
Mars Hill College $ 41,698
Gardner-Webb University $ 42,340

Do the math; how many thousands of dollars will you save if your high school student transfers from TCCC?

Advantages of Living at Home

Living in a dorm can be a great experience. Students are integrated into a community of learners, all experiencing their first breaths of independence. But there are also downsides to dorm life. Dorms are expensive, and will most likely require your student to have a meal plan. One of the largest contributors to college expense is the price of student residence. Having your student attend TCCC is not only more affordable, but it also allows them some security during this phase of transition.

More time to think about Life Goals

Very few high school students know what they would like to do with their life. While many students declare a major their freshman year of college, more than fifty percent change majors before the end of their sophomore year. Students attending TCCC are able to explore new subjects of interest while completing their general education requirements.

Become a More Desirable Student

Attending TCCC will make students a more competitive applicant for prestigious universities. The small class size at TCCC allows the extra instruction needed to boost GPAs. A high college GPA will demonstrate the student’s ability to handle the rigorous curriculum of higher education courses.