Academic Honors-Summer 2014

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Academic Honors

Tri-County Community College (TCCC) would like to congratulate the following students on being selected for academic honors for the 2014 summer semester. Students who were selected received a minimum of a 3.50 grade point average and had no failing grades.

Robbinsville, North Carolina
Katie M. Jones, Stephanie H. Long, Erma C. Roberts, James L. Sellers, Kosal Thach, and Robert B. Wiggins

Andrews, North Carolina
Bryan M. Holloway and David M. Kelley

Brasstown, North Carolina
Rebecca A. Hand, Amy B. Lovingood, and Christopher J. Roberts

Hayesville, North Carolina
Gina L. Cherry, Angela M. Finnegan, Mark H. Ledford, Bryan J. Murrell, Katherine G. Shanley, and Deborah K. Shira

Marble, North Carolina
Julie D. Roper

Murphy, North Carolina
Ruby M. Alexander, Christopher A. Berry, Sandra C. Carroll, Brittney J. Cook, Kathy J. Cope, Sharon C. Craig, Lori E. Cseh, Jessica N. Harkins, Wade Howard, Jr., Haley C. Rollins, Peter A. Schwarer, Marcy C. Spikes, David L. Stewart, Christopher S. Stroud, Rachel L. Van Horn, Whitney K. Ware, and Brenda D. Yard

Copperhill, Tennessee
Benjamin M. Anderson