Annual Constitution Day event

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TCCC draws crowd for annual Constitution Day event

Constitution Day

Butch Freeman, history instructor at Tri-County Community College, discusses the history of the U.S. Constitution during TCCC’s annual Constitution Day event on Sept. 19 at the main campus in Peachtree.

Tri-County Community College (TCCC) faculty, staff, and students were joined by members of the community for TCCC’s annual Constitution Day event on Sept. 19 at the main campus in Peachtree.

TCCC instructors Butch Freeman and Amy Johnson focused their presentation around the “Power of One” in a democracy for a packed audience in the McSwain Lecture Hall.

“We are the watchdogs of our government, which is set forth with the first three words written in the preamble to the Constitution: We the People,” said Freeman, who teaches history at TCCC. “It is us, who by our singular votes and individual voices, reinforce Lincoln’s famous words – that we are a nation of the people, by the people, for the people.”

As part of the event, Freeman and Johnson presented the history of the U.S. Constitution and the crucial role it occupies in the modern political climate. Attendees of the event also received a free copy of the document.

Freeman emphasized the importance of a single vote in U.S. history by highlighting presidential elections that were won with a single vote, such as the case of Thomas Jefferson in 1800 or George W. Bush in 2000.

Johnson used her time to speak about the power of an individual, such as Francis Bacon or Martin Luther King, Jr. or those involved in the women’s suffrage movement and the value of each citizen to their nation.

“Each of us has something unique to offer to our society,” said Johnson, who also teaches history at TCCC. “We are the guardians of the American Dream.”

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