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TCCC BLET obstacle course pushes students

Basic Law Enforcement Training

Students in Tri-County Community College’s (TCCC) 7th Annual Basic Law Enforcement Training class underwent a series of physically demanding test scenarios as a part of their training on July 11 at the main campus in Peachtree.

The first rigorous obstacle course centered around a chase and apprehension scenario. The course is designed to push students to their limits and included running, climbing, crawling, 40 push-ups, rolling a 100 pound bag a total of 9 times, and more.

“This exercise gives our students a view into what will be expected of them once they enter their careers as law enforcement officers,” said Allen Denny, BLET school director and criminal justice instructor at TCCC. “Completing the obstacle course in a timely manner is crucial to gaining state certification at the end of their training.”

Students called out encouragement to their peers as they each ran through the physically challenging course, pushing away fatigue to complete all the steps of the scenario in under six minutes.

Basic Law Enforcement Training

A second scenario focused on rescuing a civilian and involved dragging a 175 pound dummy 50 feet backwards.

“In helping students prepare for the physical demands of the state certification test, we’re ensuring they receive the best training possible and can transition into the law enforcement field thoroughly prepared,” Denny said. “More than 90 percent of our students find employment following completion of our program.”

For more information regarding TCCC’s Basic Law Enforcement Training program, please contact Denny at (828) 835-4243.