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Are you looking to enroll in a program of study, but unsure what career opportunities are available to you? Do you have a career field in mind, but want more information about salary ranges and growth trends during the next few years?

Thanks to an initiative by President Dr. Donna Tipton-Rogers, Tri-County Community College (TCCC) now offers the free, online resource of Career Coach, where students can explore possible career options, discover the local availability of jobs and salary ranges, and help determine educational goals to achieve a degree in their desired field.

“Career Coach provides the opportunity for our students to gain information regarding what jobs are available to them following graduation on a localized scale,” said Dr. Steve Wood, vice president for instruction and institutional advancement. “Having access to this service is an invaluable tool for students when deciding what career options they’d like to explore while at Tri-County.”

Career Coach also can help a student determine which program of study they would like to pursue while attending TCCC based on which career field interests them most.

“Now our students can easily search related fields and discover a potential career path they may not have thought to research before,” Wood said.

Each of TCCC’s academic program of study page links to the related Career Coach page, which provides job openings, employment trends, and salary information on a sliding scale ranging from a 10 to 100 mile radius from the College.

Students may also access Career Coach through TCCC’s Human Resources Development (HRD) page, or by directly logging onto to

For students interested in a more thorough career search, Kelly Hembree, coordinator of career services and HRD at TCCC, is available in McSwain 109 to assist with everything from career assessments to resume building.

“I can help students one-on-one in deciding what career paths are best suited to their interests, in addition to providing assistance with job searches and interviews,” Hembree said. “Some students who may feel undecided between several career paths can benefit from sitting down and identifying their skills and abilities in a face-to-face setting.”

For more information about how Career Coach works, click here.