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Warriors of AniKituhwa  at Tri-County Community College

Tri-County Community College (TCCC) welcomed the Eastern Band of Cherokee Warriors of AniKituhwa to the 16th Annual Children’s Theatre event to entertain and educate local third through six grade students at the Main Campus in Peachtree on Tuesday, November 3.

Students from Cherokee, Graham, and Clay Counties learned about traditional clothing and dances, as well as the importance of maintaining and preserving Cherokee culture.

“We are so honored to have you all here today,” said Dr. Donna Tipton-Rogers, president of TCCC, to the crowded room of young students. “Every year at this event we strive to bring in culturally diverse entertainment who can teach you new things, but still allow you to have fun.”

Donned in full traditional dress dating back to the 1760s, the Warriors entered the Enloe Multi-Purpose Room with a traditional chant and dance rooted in stalking prey during hunting.

After the introduction, Warrior Bo Taylor used humor to educate the audience about traditional crafts like making weapons or beaded bags to carry important items.

Taylor also taught Cherokee words and phrases such as “Hello,” and “Thank you,” to the students in attendance.

In the second part of the show, both students and teachers gained a chance to join in traditional Cherokee dances such as The Bear Dance and The Ant Dance.

Through their dances and stories, the Warriors explained the importance of their culture and express pride in their nation.

Made possible through a grant from the Cherokee Preservation Foundation in association with the TCCC Foundation, the event was free to all in attendance.

“The mission of the Tri-County Community College Foundation is to support the College by providing necessary resources and acting as a catalyst between the College and Community,” said Roarke Arrowood, director of the TCCC Foundation. “Through events like the Children’s Theatre, we seek to build nurturing relationships with the community starting early with local youth.”

For more information regarding the next Children’s Theatre, please contact Roarke Arrowood at (828) 835-4305.