Constitution Day

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College celebrates Constitution Day

Constitution Day at TCCC

Tri-County Community College Student Government Association officers Naeem Ahmed, Jack Rateliff and Allison McClure pose with college President Dr. Donna Tipton-Rogers during Constitution Day on Sept. 18 at the main campus in Peachtree.

Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Lady Liberty surprised Tri-County Community College students and faculty to celebrate the 230th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution on Sept. 18 at the main campus in Peachtree.

Officers of the College’s Student Government Association (SGA) dressed in period costumes and donned their best impressions of the Founding Fathers as they visited campuses to read the Preamble to the Constitution.

“I am thrilled to see our Student Government Association representatives out educating their classmates for Constitution Day in such a fun and memorable way,” said Dr. Donna Tipton-Rogers, president of Tri-County Community College.

Tri-County Community College SGA President and Vice President Naeem Ahmed and Jack Rateliff stopped for pictures in the halls with college students, faculty, and staff during their rounds on campus.

Fellow SGA officers handed out informative flyers regarding the history of the signing of the U.S. Constitution.

For more pictures from the College’s 2017 celebration of Constitution Day, click here. If you want to get involved with SGA, learn more here or contact Dotie Stafford-Ortega at (828) 835-4208.