EMS Program of Study

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Emergency Medical Science Program of Study at Tri-County Community College

The Emergency Medical Science curriculum, as well as similar classes in the adult Continuing Education program at Tri-County Community College, are all geared towards preparing individuals for careers as Paramedics, EMTs, and other emergency medical personnel.

In fact, in many classes, full-time curriculum students sit and learn side-by-side with continuing education students. Some are looking for degrees, but many are taking classes to gain particular certifications to advance existing careers, or simply to add to their own knowledge and abilities.

The courses of study provide students with the chance to acquire basic and advanced life-support skills by mixing classroom instruction with practical laboratory sessions, hospital clinical experience, and field internships with emergency medical service agencies.

In addition, the classes are geared towards preparing students to take both State and National certification exams, allowing them access to job opportunities that include ambulance services, fire and rescue agencies, and air medical services,Ā as well as jobs in specialty areas of hospitals, industry, educational institutions, and government agencies.

For more information about the Emergency Medical Science Program of Study, contact Jeff Ledford at (828) 835-4227, or jledford@tricountycc.edu.