Fire and Rescue Agencies

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TCCC, Clay County fire and rescue agencies work together to benefit citizens

Fire Training

The staff of the Tri-County Community College (TCCC) Public Safety Training program constantly strives to provide local public safety agencies with access to quality training that results in direct benefits for area citizens.

As part of this continuing effort, the College recently held a two-day water shuttle class for fire and rescue personnel at its main campus in Peachtree.

“This class is designed to educate participants on how to suppress a fire in the instance of no hydrant access through various hands-on scenarios using emergency fire equipment,” Henry Angelopulos, director of the public safety training program at TCCC. “Water shuttling is an extremely important procedure for fire and rescue personnel to quickly execute in order to save as much property and as many lives as possible.”

According to Angelopulos, a fire department trained the process of water shuttling can also help reduce the cost of homeowners insurance.

“The purpose of providing training such as the water shuttle class at TCCC is to ensure the citizens in our service area are receiving the safest and most efficient fire and rescue services available,” said Angelopulos, who also serves as chief of Warne Volunteer Fire Department.

The water shuttle class is offered through TCCC periodically to aid fire and rescue agencies from Cherokee, Clay, and Graham counties in beginning the process of lowering fire insurance rates for local residents.

Personnel from Brasstown Volunteer Fire Department, Clay County Fire and Rescue, Shooting Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Warne Volunteer Fire Department, and Bryson City Fire Department took part in a water shuttle class led by Terry Young and Deral Raynor. The instructors both serve as fire rating inspectors with the NC Office of State Fire Marshal.

“The College is constantly working to educate our local fire and rescue departments and to inform the public that these training classes are available to help improve services and save lives,” said Angelopulos. “When local agencies have access to these types of public safety training classes through TCCC it leads to positive impacts for citizens regarding their safety, as well as their wallets.”

For more information regarding fire and rescue training at TCCC, contact Angelopulos at (828) 835-4251.