Arts & Crafts Mini-College

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Tri-County Community College (TCCC) has the solution for your child’s mid-summer boredom with the annual Kids’ Arts and Crafts Mini-College. Starting July 22-25, these week-long camps are themed around fun, educational subjects. For a cost of only $55, students from first to eighth grade will learn more about their interests, and possibly discover a new favorite hobby.

Altars and Reliquaries – Special Places for Your Tiny Treasures:  All kids have a treasure box where they collect meaningful objects, notes, photos, and precious relics from their lives. This class will help your student create a special place to display their precious items.

Clay for Kids:  In this camp, students will be introduced to hand building techniques in clay.  With their newfound skills, students will be able to create small sculptures and pottery.  There will be an additional fee of $15 for materials for this course.

Creating Terrariums: Do you sometimes think of your child as a little botanist? This camp will teach students about small gardens enclosed in glass or plastic, known as terrariums. Students will then channel their inner-gardener and build their own terrariums to take home and enjoy.

Kids in the Kitchen:  Let your student explore the kitchen and possibly discover a new passion. This camp will teach students several age appropriate, no-bake recipes.

Paper Making:  Making paper is both creative and practical. Using recycled paper scraps, shredded paper, and other materials, students will make wonderful paper for a variety of uses.

Explore Photography:  This camp will teach students how to study the world using photography.  Students will learn how to see the lines, shapes, and colors of nature, and how to appropriately capture these elements with a camera. Students must bring their own digital camera along with the instruction manual.

Fun with Watercolors:  Starting with a meager bowl of water and just three or four colors of paint, students will soon be painting vast landscapes, pots of flowers, and even funny faces.  This introductory course is appropriate for students of all skill levels. The finished paintings will be mounted on mats so that you may display them proudly at home.

Basket Weaving Fundamentals:  Basket weaving is a long standing tradition in the mountains of North Carolina. Students in this camp will be introduced to the art of basket weaving and learn the different techniques used to create these treasures. At the end of the week, students will bring home their own completed basket.

Junior Woodcarving:  In this camp, students ages six through nine will observe as the instructor carves objects from blocks of wood.  Students will then assist in sanding and personalizing individual pieces. Students ages ten and up may choose to carve their own project with assistance and direction from the instructor.

Seating is limited for these courses, so students will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you are interested in having your child participate in any of these courses, please call Lisa Long at (828)835-4241 for information regarding registration.