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Murphy High School Students Explore TCCC’s Culinary Arts Program

Murphy High School Students Explore TCCC’s Culinary Arts Program

Tri-County Community College (TCCC) invited students from Murphy High School to visit and meet with students currently enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program on Thursday, November 5 at the Main Campus in Peachtree.

As the visitors watched, the chefs prepared a Greek meal, comprised of humus, lamb shanks, fresh pita bread, and more. The high school students were treated to a fresh desert of banana crepes and homemade whipping cream.

All four grade levels comprised the group of high school students, who participate in their own Culinary Arts program at Murphy High School.

“This visit allows local students the opportunity to see what Tri-County Community College offers as a pathway into the Culinary Arts, “said Samantha Major, coordinator for recruitment and retention.

After sampling the dessert, Master Chef Greg Spencer led the students around the kitchen, explaining each piece of equipment, and the flow of the class.

“Each week a student works as a head chef,” Spencer said. “I’m supervising them, but I want to teach them how to manage and run a fully functioning kitchen.”

As the Culinary Arts students placed the Greek cuisine on platters, the visiting students asked questions and took photos.

For more information regarding the Culinary Arts program, please contact Chef Greg Spencer at (828) 835-4242.