National Registry Exam

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EMT National Registry Exam at Tri-County  Community College

Greg Taylor, Fight Medic for Life Force, the air medical transport service for Erlanger Health System Hospital in Chattanooga, Tenn., goes over safety instructions with paramedic students at Tri-County Community College.

The National Registry Cognitive and Psychomotor Skills Exam for Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMTs) and Paramedics was held Saturday, March 28, at the Main Campus of Tri-County Community College (TCCC) in Peachtree.

Thirty people, from as far away as Virginia and Florida, signed up to take the day-long exam that is required for EMTs and Paramedics to work in most states, including Georgia and Tennessee.

“North Carolina is one of only a few states in the Union that does not require its rescue personnel to be on the National Registry,” said Jeff Ledford, coordinator of Emergency Medical Training at TCCC. “But we tell our students that they would be well-advised to take and pass the exam considering our proximity to states that do mandate it.”

It is a rigorous test that evaluates both the students’ skill levels in a variety of life-saving tasks, and their suitability for the profession.

Eight different stations were set up for advanced EMTs, and 11 for Paramedics. Students must show competency in a wide range of emergency scenarios, from major trauma assessment to cardiac arrest, and from Intravenous skills to advanced airway management, including using endotracheal tubes.

“Our students did very well,” said Ledford. “All twelve of them passed with only one having to retake just one portion of the exam, and he was able to pass the retest on the first try.”

Ledford said that over the next five months, TCCC will be offering complete courses in Basic EMT, Advanced EMT, and Paramedics, which will prepare students to take and pass the next National Registry exams.

“We are also really excited about the EMT Fast-Track program that’s about to start,” said Ledford. “Seventy hours of online course work, followed by an intensive, 11-day program of traditional classes will give our students full EMT training in a greatly accelerated time-frame.”

For more information contact Jeff Ledford at (828) 835-4227, or