New Hire: Angie Jaco

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As the first person in her family to finish college, Angela Jaco has felt especially drawn towards helping those who need a second chance.

Angela Jaco joined Tri-County Community College (TCCC) on March 18th as the Program Coordinator for College and Career Readiness. In this capacity she works with students both on and off campus to help them obtain their GED and improve their employability skills.

“My position isn’t really a desk job,” said Jaco. “I feel like my job would be best described as part adviser, part cheerleader, and part counselor. I have found that all of these roles are important. Many of my students come from home lives that didn’t give enough encouragement for academic activities.”

Jaco is originally from Carbondale, IL. She graduated from Southern Illinois University with a BS in Speech Communication and a MSEd in Higher Education Administration.

During her time at TCCC, Jaco has been faced with making preparations for the new GED test.

“This is your last opportunity to complete your GED,” said Jaco. “If you have started working on your GED at any point in the past but did not complete it for some reason, you have until January, 1 2014, to finish. Otherwise you will have to start over.

“If you have been considering getting your GED, start on it now. Don’t wait for January 1 to begin,” encouraged Jaco.

For more information about the GED services offered at TCCC, please call 828.837.4239.

“It is very fulfilling to see someone finish something that they may have given up on,” said Jaco. “It is never too late, and everyone deserves a second chance.”