Notice to TCCC Employees

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Important information for all Tri-County Community College employees:

Due to sweeping changes to the NC tax law, the NC Department of Revenue is requiring all employers to secure new NC-4 EZ/NC-4 withholding forms from their employees.

Generally, allowances claimed for NC income tax withholding are now based on whether you expect to claim any child tax credit on your NC income tax return. You may no longer claim allowances based on exemptions for yourself, your spouse, or your children.

All TCCC employees will need to fill out either the NC-4 EZ or the NC-4 forms. When you have completed a form, please forward it to Ginger Hubbard. The deadline isĀ Friday, December 13, 2013.

TCCC employees that fail to turn in their completed form by the deadline will have their NC income tax withholding election changed to ‘Single with no allowances.’

If you have any questions, please contact Ginger Hubbard or Sherry Robertson.