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Healthy Smiles brings big city technology to WNC

TCCC Small Business Center

Dr. Denis Bourguignon, Samantha Panter, dental assistant, Julia Shook, dental hygienist, and Kristin Kalwara
pose with the laser used in many procedures at Healthy Smiles by Dr. B.

When Denis Bourguignon and Kristin Kalwara decided to open their general dentistry business Healthy Smiles by Dr. B in Clay County, it was a project seven years in the making.

“We vacationed in North Georgia and Western North Carolina in 2010,” said Bourguignon, known affectionately to his patients as “Dr. B”. “Kristin and I both really enjoyed the area and the atmosphere, but the people were the clincher for our decision to move up here.”

Bourguignon brings a unique skillset to the people of rural Western North Carolina with his non-invasive laser dentistry techniques, which minimize pain and trauma during procedures, while also stimulating healing.

“We have several laser dentistry procedures, including cosmetic treatments,” Bourguignon said. “I am also trained in more complicated procedures, such as laser root canals and gum surgery.”

Bourguignon and his partner Kalwara both owned dental practices in Florida prior to moving to Clay County, Kalwara said.

“Dr. B has 27 years of experience in dentistry,” she said. “We always want to be very involved with our patients, and are constantly ensuring they have the best customer service we can offer.”

Both Bourguignon and Kalwara said Tri-County Community College’s Small Business Center was an excellent resource during their journey to opening Healthy Smiles.

“Kathryn Jenkins and the Small Business Center were absolutely supportive and are a great tool for local business owners,” Bourguignon said. “Especially when troubleshooting ideas on how to solve problems.”

“Dr. B and Kristin have been model clients,” said Jenkins, director of the Small Business Center at Tri-County Community College. “They were patient and diligent when trying to find the right place for their practice and are now so happy to be in Clay County. They truly provide a warm environment for their patients and excellent customer care.”

The walls of his practice are now lined with products of Bourguignon’s favorite hobby – photography. The aesthetic is inviting and exciting, with the main procedure room displaying various science fiction posters.

“For us, it’s all about quality of care,” Kalwara said. “We want to treat people as people, not as numbers.”

Healthy Smiles by Dr. B offers a wide variety of services including root canals, implants, crowns and bridges, help with sleep apnea, cosmetic procedures and more. Kalwara said the practice is currently accepting new patients.

For more information about Healthy Smiles by Dr. B, visit For more information about Tri-County Community College’s Small Business Center, visit