Summer Nursing Class

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Summer Nursing Classes at Tri-County Community College

“I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no babies!”

If Miss Prissy, the maid in the film Gone With the Wind played by actress Butterfly McQueen, had taken the course at Tri County Community College (TCCC) titled Family Health Concepts, she would never have been able to utter that immortal line.

The class, taught by Debbie Hogan in the Enloe Building, and given to second-year Region A Nursing Consortium students from Haywood and TCCC during the summer semester, focuses on pregnancy, childbirth, and care of children.

“Today’s session concentrates on all of the elements involved in the birthing process,” said Hogan, during a break in the class held on May 19. “What to do before, during and after delivery, and how to deal with problems or prevent them. In the pediatric component we’ll do a lot with learning about the development of children.”

The students laughed at stories Hogan related of things that mothers in labor have said, and asked questions only a nursing student or teacher would understand. This group is on track to graduate next spring with their degrees in Nursing.

For information about the Region A Nursing Consortium Program, contact Debbie Hogan at (828) 835-4246 or at