Summer Semester Academic Honors

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Spring Semester Academic Honors at Tri-County Community CollegeTri-County Community College (TCCC) would like to congratulate the following students on being selected for academic honors for the 2015 Summer Semester. Students are selected for academic honors at the end of each semester in which they have earned 12 or more non-developmental credit hours in a degree, diploma, or certificate program; have earned a current and cumulative grade point average of at least 3.50; and have no grades of F, I, NM, U or WF for that semester.

Andrews, NC: Tiffany A. Cole, Christy L. Jenkins, and Margaret S. White

Hayesville, NC: Lindsay M. Patterson and Elena P. Wimpey

Marble, NC: Caleb W. Dinehart, Jordan M. Garrett, Abby E. Hayes, and Breanna M. Orr

Murphy, NC: Tammy K. Clinger, Kathy J. Cope, Sharon C. Craig, Drew T. Hardin, Isabella N. Harper, Alexander S. Jump, Joshua L. McDonald, Tabitha M. McNabb, Matthew D. McTaggart, Ryan Mileti, Kala F. Orr, Christina H. Rayburn, Morgan A. Rey, Haley C. Rollins, Marcy C. Spikes, and Evan J. Wright

Robbinsville, NC: Shaun L. Adams, Cain A. Ammons, Cameron M. Anderson, Peggy S. Denton, Shanda A. Dooley, Gloria F. Hyde, Tessa M. Lane, Brenda E. Long, Cheri C. Massey, Leticia M. Monroe, Erin L. Pannell, Benjamin K. Riddle, and Teresa A. Waldroup

Topton, NC: Udo Schmidt and Robert A. Wojdylo

Mineral Bluff, GA: Annamaria L. Ware

Turtletown, TN: Rebecca L. Williamson