Surviving the First 3 Seconds

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survivng the first 3 secondsTwenty-nine law enforcement officers from all over western North Carolina converged this morning (August 14) on the Tri-County Community College main campus to participate in a unique and important program designed to save their lives.

Known as “Surviving the First Three Seconds’ this program has being given to law enforcement agencies nationwide and is presented by trooper from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. The presentation takes a close look at why our nation’s law enforcement professionals are being killed feloniously, accidentally, and assaulted with an eye toward prevention.

The eight hour program is designed to take the reactionary gap off of the law enforcement officer and put it back onto the suspect. This is done through a five-step program that focuses on identifying armed individuals through body language indicators; identifying armed individuals through clothing indicators; street level interrogation skills, street level lie detection skills; and identifying assaultive indicators through body language and verbal indicators.

North Carolina Trooper Kurt Hensley from McDowell County said, “This particular program was initially developed in Maryland by law enforcement agencies in that state.” As its chief instructor Trooper Hensley has traveled in all 50 states presenting this program to law enforcement officers.

“We know the program is working. For instance, in one North Carolina metropolitan area gun seizures rose over 90 percent after law enforcement officers from that area viewed this presentation,” Hensley said. Assisting in presenting today’s program was North Carolina Trooper Kevin Dale from Hendersonville and former law enforcement office Bob Lindsey from Asheville.

To view photos from the class please visit TCCC’s Flickr page.