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TCCC Board of Trustees Institutes Transcript Fee

Tri-County Community College
Tri-County Community College’s (TCCC) Board of Trustees has instituted a new fee for students requesting college transcripts.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2016, students requesting official or unofficial transcripts for both continuing education and curriculum courses will now be charged a $5 fee per transcript.

“Students requesting a transcript can do so in person at the Harper Help Desk on the Main Campus in Peachtree, or at the Shope Building at TCCC Graham County Center in Robbinsville,” said Holly Hyde, curriculum registrar for TCCC. “They can also download the form to request a transcript from our website.”

The two-step process in obtaining a transcript includes filling out the TCCC transcript request form as well as paying the $5 fee before transcripts can be sent or given to the student.

Students may pay the fee by attaching a check or money order made payable to Tri-County Community College to the transcript request form in person, by mail, or by paying online.

For more information regarding requesting transcripts, please contact Holly Hyde at (828) 835-4219.