TCCC Welcomes Students

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TCCC welcomes students with revamped orientation sessions

Fall Semester 2016 at TCCC

Alexis Riley and Skye Raxter, new TCCC students, prepare to take a career assessment test as part of their New Student Orientation at the main campus in Peachtree on August 3.

Tri-County Community College (TCCC) kicked off the new 2016-17 academic year with a series of revamped New Student Orientation (NSO) sessions at both the main campus in Peachtree and TCCC’s Graham County Center in Robbinsville.

TCCC President Dr. Donna Tipton-Rogers was present to welcome students to the new 2016 fall semester and encourage attendees to take advantage of all the services the College has to offer.

“Our focus at TCCC is putting the ‘community’ into Tri-County Community College,” said Lee Ann Hodges, dean of humanities, social science, and public service at TCCC. “Tri-County is a place where dreamers become achievers.”

The focus of this year’s NSO activities was “Start to Finish,” and each of the six-hour, multi-tiered, all-inclusive sessions were designed to equip the new students with the tools and information they would need to succeed.

“We are here to help ensure your goals are realized, whether those be professional, personal, or academic goals,” said Dr. Steve Wood, vice president for instruction and institutional effectiveness. “What matters to us the most is seeing each of you succeed during your journey at TCCC.”

Each session comprised a day filled with information sessions, campus tours, a chance to meet with key college faculty and staff, and ended with the new students gaining the opportunity to register for their fall semester classes at TCCC.

“TCCC is a crossroads,” Wood said. “Everyone in this room has traveled down a different path, which ultimately culminated here at Tri-County. You will always be a TCCC student no matter what path you may follow later.”

Late registration for the 2016 fall semester at TCCC will be held from August 17-23 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information regarding enrolling at TCCC, call (828) 837-6810.