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A home at 880 Hinton Center Road burned down last Thursday, while firefighters observed.  This fire was no accident, as the home was a scheduled live burn for instructional purposes.

Tri-County Community College’s (TCCC) Director of Health and Public Safety Bobby Barton has been working tirelessly to organize this educational experience for his firefighting students.

Students at TCCC that take firefighting courses are given many hands-on training activities to develop their skills. TCCC’s fire training center is a four-story building that burns liquid propane to simulate building fires. The facility is complete with an elevator shaft and an outside wall for students to repel down.

“Safety is our number one goal in all that we do,” said Barton. “The fire training facility has safeguards in place for our students’ protection. When temperatures in the building reach 600 degrees Fahrenheit, the fans kicks on and the simulation stops.”

In addition to the fire training facility, live burns like the one on Hinton Center Road are able to depict realistic scenarios that fire fighters often face.

“The fire training center simulation is a much more rigid experience than what you can expect out of real-world scenarios,” said Barton. “When faced with a real fire, you never know what may happen. The weather may change, or the wind may blow in a different direction; all of these different aspects affect your game plan.”

If you would like to learn more about TCCC’s Health and Public Safety program, please contact Bobby Barton at (828)835-4251.

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