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Tiffani Johnson TCCC Student

Meet the Work-Study: Tiffani Johnson, Institutional Advancement Office Assistant

Where do you currently live?: Murphy.

What’s your program of study?: Right now I am finishing up my college transfer degree. I recently graduated from the Early College and wanted to finish my associate in arts degree here.

Why did you apply for your position as a work-study?: I wanted the experience and to learn skills that would benefit me in a career setting, so I wanted a job focused on office work.

What are some of your duties in your position?: I do mostly office tasks, but I also have learned a lot about analyzing data and how to compile data using Excel.

Do you have a favorite class or instructor?: I really like Ray Kaylor. His art classes are both fun and instructive.

What are your plans after leaving Tri-County?: I recently accepted a position with the AmeriCorps in Seattle, so I will be moving after I graduate. Ultimately, I want to study social work.

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