Policy and Procedures

Section 2 – Administrative
Section 2.1 – Administrative: Campus Safety and Emergencies

Policy 2.1.3 Administrative: Hazard Communication Program
Policy 2.1.4 Administrative: Instructional Safety Precautions

Policy 2.1.5 Administrative: Campus Medical Emergencies

Policy 2.1.6 Administrative: Weapons on Campus
Policy 2.1.7 Administrative: Alcohol and Drugs on Campus
Policy 2.1.8 Administrative: Campus Security Reporting – Clery Act
Policy 2.1.9 Administrative: Reporting Crimes and Emergencies on Campus
Policy 2.1.10 Administrative: Communicable Diseases and Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

Policy 2.1.11 Administrative: Adverse Weather and Emergency Closings

Policy 2.1.12 Administrative: Sex Offender Information

Section 3 – Human Resources
Section 3.1 – Human Resources: Hiring and Training