Career KEYS

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Watch this short video to learn more about the Career KEYS program!

The Career KEYS quality enhancement plan (QEP) integrates specific career readiness elements into a cross-section of classes in order to offer students effective and practical career preparation.

The Career KEYS process starts early in a student’s college experience with career inventories conducted during an College Student Success or ACA course to assist students in determining a future career path.

Toward the end of a program of study student’s will have the opportunity to participate in a the Career Readiness Certification (CRC) test.

Job search, resume building and interview skills  are offered throughout a student’s time at Tri-County throughout the Tri-County Career Center.  

Visit the Career KEYS page for more detailed information about student learning outcomes, job search skills and other aspects of Career KEYS.

For information please contact your instructor, Kelly Hembree, Career Services Coordinator at 835-4291 or Linda Kressal,  Dean of Learning Resources and QEP Coordinator at 835-4288.

Career KEYS web page

Click here to learn more about the Career Readiness Certificate