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Tri-County Community College welcomes qualified ninth and tenth grade students for fall semester

Recent legislative action in Raleigh has opened the door for area ninth and tenth grade students to begin taking tuition-free college credit classes at Tri-County Community College (TCCC).

“The Career & College Promise (CCP) program allows qualified high-school-age students in North Carolina the opportunity to take classes tuition free while they are still in high school,” said Cathy LaTulipe, TCCC High School Liaison. “For many years, this innovative program has been very beneficial for students to get a jumpstart on either their workplace or college preparation.”

LaTulipe said the CCP program had previously been limited to juniors and seniors, but on August 1, 2019 N.C. Session Law 2019-185 expanded certain elements of the program which now permits enrollment into the CCP College Transfer Pathway or CCP Career Technical Pathway for certain freshman and sophomore high school students.

Tri-County Community College will work with its local school district(s) to document that freshmen and sophomore students meet eligibility requirements, which are:

1) The student is determined to be academically gifted, have a demonstrated readiness for the course material, and have the maturity to justify admission to the community college by (i) the community college president, (ii) the student’s high school principal or equivalent administrator, and (iii) the academically gifted coordinator, if one is employed by the high school or local school administrative unit.

2) The student participates in academic advising focused on the implications of being admitted to college early with representatives from the high school and the community college.

3) The student’s parent or guardian has given consent for the student to participate.

LaTulipe said a limited number of classes for ninth and tenth graders will begin on Thursday, August 29, but the short time frame since the new law was enacted has created some challenges.

In order to register for the August 29 CCP-eligible classes, ninth and tenth grade students in Cherokee, Clay or Graham counties must bring written documentation of eligibility to the TCCC main campus in Murphy to meet with LaTulipe on Tuesday, August 27 beginning at 3 pm until 7 pm in the Crisp Building.

Listed below are the ONLY available classes for late start on August 29.

ENG 111 – Writing and Inquiry
POL 120 – American Government
PSY 150 – General Psychology
SOC 210 – Introduction to Sociology
ART 111 – Art Appreciation
ACA 122 – College Transfer Success (1 college credit/no high school credit)

Forms are available at local schools and the Harper Building on TCCC’s main campus in Murphy. For additional information, call (828) 837-6810.