New Scholarship Opportunities at TCCC

Tri-County Community College (TCCC) current and prospective students have a wonderful opportunity ahead with the introduction of the Next NC Scholarship, a state-funded initiative aimed at making higher education more attainable. Specifically designed for North Carolina households earning $80,000 or less, this program can fully cover tuition and fees at TCCC and significantly reduce the financial burden for those wanting to attend public universities within the state.

The Next NC Scholarship program combines federal Pell Grants with state funds to offer comprehensive support. This not only includes tuition but also essential educational expenses. Community college students are eligible for at least $3,000, typically more than the cost of tuition and fees at TCCC.

Eligibility for the Next NC Scholarship is straightforward: North Carolina residency, a high school diploma or equivalent, a household income of $80,000 or less, and enrollment in an eligible undergraduate program. Students must also be taking at least 6 credit hours per semester while maintaining good academic standing.

For those who may not qualify for the Next NC Scholarship, TCCC’s Financial Aid department can help with exploring other scholarship resources available through the college. These scholarships can significantly reduce or even fully cover tuition costs, helping to remove financial obstacles to education.

The Next NC Scholarship application deadline is August 15, 2024. As this date approaches, TCCC advises all eligible students to take the initial step by completing the FAFSA to take advantage of this exciting opportunity. For more details, call TCCC’s financial aid office at 828-837-6810 and take the next positive step toward your future today.

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