Professional Development at TCCC...

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Professional Development

Dr. Donna Tipton-Rogers welcomes TCCC faculty and staff to Professional Development.

Tri-County Community College (TCCC) faculty and staff joined President Dr. Donna Tipton-Rogers for a full day of planning, discussion, and team building at an annual Professional Development session on January 3 on the Main Campus in Peachtree.

“Today provides all of us with the chance to work together to achieve our constant goal of making Tri-County Community College the absolute best we can be,” said Dr. Tipton-Rogers as she welcomed the crowd. “Tri-County has a wonderful and diverse student body, and I look forward to working with everyone here to ensure they all have the opportunity to succeed each step of the way during their journey here.”

Dr. Tipton-Rogers also emphasized the important bond between the College and the communities it serves.

“Our relationship with the local community is vital to our success,” Dr. Tipton-Rogers said. “As we head into the New Year, I am looking forward to strengthening those relationships.”

Professional Development at TCCC

The day-long session centered around working toward institutional advancement goals, as well as preparing for the upcoming 2017 Spring Semester.

Late registration for classes is currently underway at both the Main Campus in Peachtree and TCCC’s Graham County Center in Robbinsville.

For more information about Tri-County Community College, please call (828) 837-6810 or (828) 479-9256.