TCCC Receives Prius Donation

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TCCC Receives Prius Donation. Keith Marcus, Automotive Instructor and Katie Wood, donor.

Tri-County Community College’s (TCCC) Automotive Systems Technology program recently received a donation of a 2008 Toyota Prius to assist students in learning to work on hybrid vehicles.

“This donation will be very beneficial for our students,” said Keith Marcus, instructor in the Automotive Systems Technology program at TCCC. “Toyota is the No. 1 producer of hybrids, and they’ve been doing it a long time. This will give students a chance to work on a car model that is growing more popular every year.”

The Prius was donated to TCCC by Katie Wood and joins the other hybrid vehicles the College has for students in the program to study.

“The Prius is a good vehicle to study scenarios where there may be high voltage concerns with the battery and how to neutralize those issues and power the vehicle down safely,” Marcus said. “Green technology is becoming more and more common and has unique situations for students to study and explore. This donation will give students more experience in those critical areas.”

For more information about the Automotive Technology Program please contact Keith Marcus at (828) 835-4250 or