Winter Warming Success

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TCCC Honor Society Holds Winter Warming Drive to Benefit Homeless

winter warming drive donation boxes in the library at Tri-County Community College.

(From left) Lindi Gentry-Lechelt, Sharon Nifong, Barbara McTaggart, Mariah Ledford, and Rose Moberly pose with one of the winter warming drive donation boxes in the library at TCCC.

Tri-County Community College’s (TCCC) Tau Upsilon Alpha Honor Society spent the month of February collecting warm clothing and blankets ­to be donated to the Hulburt-Johnson Friendship House in Murphy.

“I have to thank the faculty, staff, and students who contributed to our Winter Warming Drive, helping to ensure its success. Their contributions will help many people within the local community,” said Lindi Gentry-Lechelt, psychology and human services instructor at TCCC.

In the middle of a wet and cold winter, the student members of Tau Upsilon Alpha collected clothing across TCCC’s Main Campus in Peachtree.

“We collected 5 large bags full of items,” Gentry-Lechelt said. “All of these contributions will be donated to the local homeless shelter in Murphy.”

Tau Upsilon Alpha, established by the National Organization for Human Services in 2006, is the honor society for the human services program. Students are invited to join if they are enrolled in a human services program of study, have completed 12 or more credit hours, and have a GPA of at least 3.25.

“We were awarded a chapter of TUA at TCCC last year, and the Winter Warming Drive is one of the many projects we have planned to benefit our service area and the needs of our community,” Gentry-Lechelt said.

According to Gentry-Lechelt, the goals of Tau Upsilon Alpha are to honor academic excellence, to foster lifelong learning, leadership, and development, and to promote excellence in service to humanity.

For more information regarding TCCC’s human services programs of study or TUA Honor Society, please contact Gentry-Lechelt at 835-4280.