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Welcome to SGA (Student Government Association)!

Dr. Donna Tipton-Rogers

We would like to extend an invitation to all students to get involved with SGA.

This is the time of the year to elect officers and begin our General Assembly meetings. If you are interested in joining, please CLICK HERE to fill out the Student Government Association Interest Form.

About the SGA

The SGA is the campus organization that represents the interest of all Tri-County Community College students. Each curriculum student enrolled at Tri-County Community College is required to pay the Student Administration Fee; therefore, each person is a member of the Tri-County Community College Student Government Association and is governed by its rules and regulations. The SGA constitution is in place to be used as a basis of fulfilling our commitment as a liaison to the faculty and administration for our students.

SGA Office hours at the Main Campus

Student Government Association hours will be established following the start of the fall semester in August.

General Assembly Meetings

The SGA General Assembly meetings are held every fourth week of the month after elections are held during the Spring semester. The SGA General Assembly includes all the officers, in addition to all club representatives and students. All students are welcome to attend.


Elections will be held prior to the fifteenth week of the Spring semester. If you are interested in serving as an SGA officer, please CLICK HERE to fill out the Student Government Association Interest Form. Nominations for officers must be turned in by the twelfth week of the Spring semester.

Interest Form Due Date:                          Monday, March 13 (tenth week)
Officer Nominations Due Date:                
Monday, March 27 (twelfth week)
Elections (Day and Night Programs):       Monday, April 10 (prior to the fifteenth week)

In most cases, term of office begins the first day of Summer Semester classes and ends the last day of Spring Semester classes. For Spring 2017, officers will take office immediately.


Campaigning may begin after the candidate has submitted their intention to run by completing the Student Government Association Interest Form and turning it into one of the advisors listed below or returning it to the Harper Help Desk on the Main Campus or Shope Building at the Graham Count Center.


Duties of the SGA President

• Preside over all SGA sponsored general assemblies (day and night).

• To facilitate order in the SGA meetings by following the order of business.

• To call “emergency” meetings of the SGA when necessary.

• To recommend that the SGA Executive Board meet on a regular basis.

• To attend all meetings of the TCCC Board of Trustees and Administrative Council meetings as a non-voting member of the Board (The President must be sworn in by the Secretary of the Board.)

• To prepare an agenda for each General Assembly meeting and present it to the SGA Secretary.

• To represent the student body at all official meetings and ceremonies or in all committees in which the SGA President’s presence is required by the SGA or by the TCCC Administration.

• To sign all requisitions approved by the SGA.

• To ensure other officers, representatives, and committee chairpersons perform their assigned duties as listed.

• To post regular office hours on the SGA Office Door and on the SGA bulletin board, and to be in the office during those hours.

• To oversee the setting up of an SGA welcoming booth on each registration day and night.

• To aid the Public Information Officer in the preparation of a yearly event calendar to be made available to students.

Duties of the SGA Vice President/Parliamentarian

• To be present at all SGA meetings

• To act as parliamentarian at each meeting, informing SGA officers and delegates as to the proper order of business according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

• To ensure that all activities and events are in line with the Constitution and purpose of SGA.

• To provide prospective SGA officers and advisors with copies of the SGA Constitution, and to inform them of their individual duties.

• To prepare ballots for SGA Officer elections.

• To aid the President in performing his/her duties when requested by the President unable to perform them.

• To replace the President if he/she leaves office before the term is over.

• To read the Treasurer’s report when necessary at the Treasurer’s absence.

• To check the mail and the suggestion boxes on campus at least once a week and to bring to the attention of the SGA any student concerns.

• To arrange while in office a survey of TCCC students to determine their interest in and ideas about SGA projects and other activities.

• To aid in the setting up of an SGA welcoming booth on each registration day and night.

• To ensure that an agenda is made and distributed and/or posted to the student body prior to every regularly scheduled SGA meeting.

• To check the Secretary’s minutes for accuracy after each meeting.

• To oversee all necessary committees and assist the committees in fulfilling their duties in the SGA.

• To oversee and coordinate the Ambassadors of the SGA.

• To meet on a regular basis with the Ambassadors.

• To keep up-to-date files, with the aid of the Secretary, of all SGA correspondence, activities, meetings, and any other business

• To read or summarize important correspondence at their program’s meeting when asked by the President to do so.

• To inform the President if inequalities are perceived in committee membership (for example, a Secretary might inform the President if an officer or Ambassador does not follow through with committee assignments).

Duties of the SGA Public Information Officer

• To create, maintain and update the SGA activity and event calendar prior to the beginning of each semester.

• To publish the SGA calendar via a medium that is accessible to all students, faculty and staff members prior to the beginning of each semester and post on the web page.

• To create and distribute all promotional materials for SGA-sponsored events and meetings.

• To post the most recent SGA minutes no later than a week following the general SGA meeting on the SGA Bulletin Boards and in the Glass Display Cases in each building on campus.

• To supply a copy of the most recent SGA minutes to the President, V.P. of Student Services, and SGA advisor.

• To aid the President in corresponding with the SGA at other schools about their organization and projects, and to maintain a file of these correspondences.

• To supply content for the TCCC Splash Report, College webpage or social media accounts.

Duties of the SGA Secretary

• To attend all SGA meetings.

• To ensure that an agenda is presented and distributed to the student body during every regularly scheduled SGA meeting

• To keep the minutes of all SGA meetings. Keeping the minutes involves recording the proceedings (what is done), not the debate (what is said), though it is necessary to record the name of the member or guest who introduces a motion.

• To provide the most recent typed SGA minutes no later than a week following the General SGA meeting to the Public Information Officer for posting.

• To take the roll of Ambassadors, Officers, Advisors, and SGA members at each General SGA meeting.

• To read at every regularly scheduled SGA meeting the minutes of the previous meeting.

• To notify committee personnel of their appointments and business at the conclusion of the meeting in which they were appointed.

• To aid in keeping up-to-date files on all SGA correspondence, activities, meetings, and any other business.

• To sign official documents (excluding requisitions), event correspondence and follow-up correspondence (such as thank you notes) as an officer of the SGA.

Duties of the SGA Treasurer

• To attend all SGA meetings.

• To prepare an annual budget based on recommendations from the SGA members and advisors.

• To assist with creation of requisitions for SGA related items.

• To maintain membership in the N4CSGA

Duties of the SGA Liaison Office to the Graham County Center

• To attend regularly scheduled SGA meetings at least once a month on the Murphy Campus and/or meet with the SGA Advisor every other week on the Graham County Campus.

• To represent Graham County Campus students concerns in the SGA.

• To publicize and promote SGA-sponsored events and activities on the Graham County Campus.

Greta Farmer

Greta Farmer
Faculty Advisor
(828) 835-4247

Samantha Major Jones

Samantha Major Jones
(828) 835-4203

Katie Dockery

Katie Dockery
(828) 835-4260