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Tri-County Community College
Rescue North Carolina; Special Rescue Operations Training
Valleytown Fire & Rescue Rescue North Carolina LLC.

Special Rescue Operations Training proudly presents an offering of the North Carolina Technical Rescuer Confined Space Rescue Certification at Valleytown Fire Department throughout the months of August– October 2018. This course is a 64-hour NFPA & OSHA compliant “Technician Level” certification course that will educate responders on the dangers of operating and conducting technical rescues at confined space emergencies.

Confined space rescues are complex incidents that require specialized haz-mat, EMS, and advanced rope-rigging skill sets. Students attending should have completed the Technical Rescuer (General and Rope Rescue), Medical First Responder or greater, and Haz-Mat Level I certifications prior to attending these courses. These courses are being offered separately, therefore, written and practical testing will be at the conclusion of each module.

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For more information please contact Henry Angelopulos at (828) 835-4251 or