Fire training

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Flow Path Management Training Experience

Flow Path Management

This course consists of several modules that progressively introduce the student to the “Physics Behind the Fire” through lecture, small scale-modeling burns, compartment fire training, and concluding with live fire training in an acquired structure or burn facility. This is an advanced firefighting course that incorporates years of international fire research towards providing a safer interior fire attack.

Topics include:

• Fire Dynamics– The Physics Behind the Fire

Operating at Ventilation Limited Fires

• Basement Fires and Flow Path

• NFPA 1403; Fact or Fiction

• Non-Traditional Fire Attacks (Piercing and Cellar Nozzle Attacks)

• Fire Attack with Reduced Staffing

• Pro’s & Con’s of Transitional Attack

• Surface & Gas Cooling

• Recognizing types of Flow Paths

• GO… NO.. GO? TIC-TAC (Thermal Imaging Cameras & The Fire Attack)

• Vent, Enter, Isolate, Search Considerations and the Flow Path

• Closing the Door & Saving Lives

• Maydays & Flow Paths

For more information, or to register, please contact: Henry Angelopulos (828) 835-4251