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Zachery Hales - Culinary Student

Meet the Work-Study: Zachery Hales, Culinary Arts Work-Study

Where do you currently live?: Hiwassee Dam.

What’s your program of study?: I’m a Culinary Arts student.

Why did you apply for your position as a work-study?: It was a way of building my resume, and it gave me the opportunity for more face-to-face time with Chef Greg.

What are some of your duties in your position?: I help set up for demonstration, work with first-year students, assist Chef in reorganizing the kitchen and other tasks.

Do you have a favorite class or instructor?: I really liked Culinary 240 – Culinary Skills II. We got to move out of the basics and into more advanced techniques. I really was able to start showing off my creativity in that class.

What are your plans after leaving Tri-County?: Ultimately, I’d like to work as a chef in a foreign country like Italy.

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