FA Dates and Deadlines

FAFSA Priority Dates

The Financial Aid Office must receive a processed FAFSA by the semester priority dates listed below to determine a student’s eligibility. If verification documentation is required, students are encouraged to submit all forms and documents to the Financial Aid Office promptly. A student’s aid may be delayed if the FAFSA or submission of verification documents are received after the designated date. Students should be prepared to pay for tuition, fees, and book charges.

Fall – July 15th
Spring – November 15th
Summer – May 15th

FAFSA Application Year to Submit When Enrolling at TCCC

The chart below list what FAFSA year application a student should submit and the dates the application can be submitted depending upon what term a student plans to enroll.  Students must reapply annually and are encouraged to submit their FAFSA application as early as possible each academic year.

FALL 21 – SUMMER 222021-2022OCTOBER 1, 2020 -
JUNE 30, 2022
FALL 22 – SUMMER 232022-2023OCTOBER 1, 2021 -
JUNE 30, 2023
FALL 23 – SUMMER 242023-2024OCTOBER 1, 2022 -
JUNE 30, 2024

Purchasing Books & Supplies

Students receiving financial aid may purchase books and supplies at the TCCC bookstore during the regular registration and the drop/add period each semester. Purchasing books and supplies in the TCCC bookstore authorizes TCCC to deduct all charges from the student’s financial aid account. Students have the option to purchase books and supplies through another vendor; however, students will have to pay for those purchases on their own.

Financial Aid Disbursement Dates

Financial aid refunds are disbursed to currently enrolled students AFTER attendance is monitored each semester. TCCC will transfer each student’s remaining funds to BankMobile approximately four to five weeks after the first day of classes each semester. BankMobile will apply each student’s refund to his/her selected refund preference. Students enrolled in classes that start later in the semester will receive refunds at a later date using the same disbursement method above. For information about BankMobile, please visit BankMobile http://bankmobiledisbursements.com/refundchoices/

Projected Refund Dates

  • Fall Semester – Mid September
  • Spring Semester – Mid February
  • Summer Semester – Mid July

Multiple Class Sessions - Students who register for four and eight week class sessions during each semester and receive financial aid will not receive funding for these classes until approximately 4-5 weeks after they have begun. According to Federal/State guidelines, students cannot receive Federal/State funds for classes until those classes have begun and class attendance has been taken. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Return of Federal Title IV/State Funds Due to Withdrawal

Students receiving Federal Title IV Funds (Pell Grant, FSEOG, etc.) who officially withdraw or are administratively withdrawn from ALL of their classes prior to the 60% point of the semester and/or students receiving State Funds (NCCCG, NCELS, etc.) who officially withdraw or are administratively withdrawn from ALL of their classes prior to the 35% point of the semester will be required to return all or a portion of their Federal Title IV/State funding.

The return of Federal/State funds also applies if a student completes a class within the semester/payment period that is not the full length of the semester/payment period and is officially/ or administratively withdrawn from all other classes they are enrolled in that are the full length of the semester/payment period. Additionally, the return of Federal Title IV/State funds applies if a student receives all grades of “U” and/or “F” and did not attend up to the last day of classes for the semester/payment period.

The amount a student must return will be determined by the percentage of the semester or payment period that the student did not complete. For example, if a student only completes 30% of the semester, he or she has earned 30% of the Federal Title IV/State funding and must return a calculated amount of the unearned 70% to the Federal Title IV/State program(s). A student’s completion percentage is determined by:

Credit hour program: total number of days attended divided by the total number of days the student should have attended in the semester/payment period.
Clock hour program: total number of clock hours/weeks completed divided by total number of clock hours/weeks student should have completed in the semester/payment period.

Students who attend up to or after the designated point of the semester and who officially withdraw or are administratively withdrawn from all of their classes should not have to return Federal Title IV/State funds. However, any institutional charges that must be repaid will be billed to the student. Students who owe money but do not repay or make arrangements to pay will be sent to the North Carolina Department of Revenue and Department of Justice for debt set off in which the student’s tax returns will be garnished. Finally, if debt is not recovered, the student will be turned over to a collection agency.

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