GPA Calculator

To calculate your GPA, please complete the following:

  • To calculate your Term GPA, list all letter grades received for the term with the total number of hours corresponding to each letter grade received for the term.
  • To calculate your Cumulative GPA, list all of the letter grades received with the total number of credit hours corresponding to each letter grade earned at TCCC.
  • You may also enter grades you expect to earn to determine how your GPA may change at the end of a term.
  • Developmental courses and transfer credits should not be considered when calculating GPA.
  • If you have repeated a course, only the best grade earned will count toward your GPA.

Each course is assigned quality points based on your grade and the number of credits earned. Quality points are added and then the total is divided by the total number of credits earned. The result is your GPA.

Grade points are assigned according to the following system

Grade A = 4 points
Grade B = 3 points
Grade C = 2 points
Grade D = 1 point
Grade F = 0 points
Grade U = 0 points
Grade of I, M, NG, NM, NA, P, PA, PR, R, S, SR, TR, W, WP, WF, X, and Y grades do not affect GPA

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