Indulge in Luxury with Tri-County Community College's Esthetics Program

Nestled within the Crisp building on Tri-County Community College's Murphy campus lies a distinctive program crafted not only for students but also for the surrounding communities. The Esthetics Program goes beyond ordinary beauty treatments, offering a holistic journey that revitalizes both the skin and the spirit.

In the Esthetics classroom, a serene atmosphere awaits, where the fragrance of aromatherapy and soft lighting prepare you for a special experience. As students, under the guidance of instructor Connie Hodgins, practice their skills, they not only enhance their proficiency but also build confidence. Hodgins emphasizes, "Our program benefits both students and the community, as hands-on experience is invaluable."

The Esthetics Program at TCCC stands out for its commitment to quality and new approaches. It provides a variety of affordable treatments for community members, including the use of professional-grade Dermalogica products and techniques like microneedling, dermaplaning, and luminfusion. TCCC is set apart as a pioneer in esthetic education in the region as it is the only college within Western North Carolina to offer some of these treatments.

To experience these exceptional services while supporting local students, book an appointment during student clinic hours by calling 828-835-4282. Learn more about the offerings and prices at

Supporting TCCC's Esthetics Program means more than enjoying a luxury treatment; it's investing in the future of our students and community.

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