Academic Support Centers

Academic Support

Tri-County Community College’s main campus has two Academic Support Centers that offer programs and services to help you meet your educational goals. The two centers are the Writing Center (McSwain Annex Room 150) and the Math Center (West Room 106). In addition, our Graham County Center has a support lab in the Phillips Building.

Brush Up Courses and Developmental Education

If your placement results indicate that you need to brush up on your math or English skills, each Academic Support Center offers a wide array of developmental classes, both DRE (developmental English) and DMA (developmental math), to help prepare you for curriculum classes. Check the schedule for days and times. Click here to access the curriculum for developmental classes

Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

Both the Writing Center and the Math Center offer individualized instruction/tutoring in an open lab setting. These open labs provide an opportunity for students to receive help on out-of-class assignments or additional individual instruction. In addition to English, math, and the sciences, these labs may have weekly sessions in other academic areas. Check with each lab for available times and subjects.

Click here to visit the Writing Center page.
Click here to visit the Math Center page.

Special Academic Needs

If you have special academic needs, including course accommodations, please see Student Services to learn about options and services available to you.

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