Aviation Education Services

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DID YOU KNOW … according to Flyingmag.com, Boeing projects 600,000 aviation maintenance technicians (AMT) will be needed by the airline industry during the next two decades?

DID YOU KNOW … statistics from the Bureau of Labor show the median annual salary range for AMTs was more than $58,000 in 2016?

DID YOU KNOW … the administrative staff at Tri-County Community College (TCCC) is considering offering various classes related to Aircraft Systems as a possible continuing education program of study?

Because TCCC is in the early planning stages of this process, its research department invites feedback from community members about interest in some of the following classes:

Ground School
Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Electronics 

Some other courses in an Aircraft Systems program include Flight Line Testing, Avionics, Flight Management and Control, Navigational Equipment, System Wiring, Instrument Systems, and Sheetmetal Aircraft Structures.

Now is the time to prepare for a possible professional career in aviation.

If you are interested in this exciting field of study, please complete the short survey located at this link and provide contact information so we can add you to the interest list.