TCCC Institutional Scholarships

TCCC offers a variety of scholarships to students ranging from $250 to $2,500. Many of these scholarships are made possible by the generous donations of local individuals and businesses. A student’s scholarship file must be complete by June 01, 2024 to be considered for any and all scholarships sponsored by TCCC.

To apply for TCCC’s scholarships, interested applicants must submit:

The following is a partial list of recent scholarships and donors.

  • Dallas McMillan Endowment Scholarship
  • Dr. F. David Slagle Memorial Scholarship
  • Dysart/Oliphant Scholarship
  • Franklin Barnett Memorial Rotary Scholarship
  • Gayle West Scholarship, sponsored by West Contracting, Inc.
  • Georgia Baxter SGA Summit Scholarship
  • Janet Crisp Kernea Memorial Scholarship
  • MOOG Components Group Scholarship
  • Rachel Rogers Memorial Scholarship
  • Ruth Star Pullium Scholarship, sponsored by the Konnaheeta Women’s Club
  • S & B Enterprises, LLC
  • State Employees’ Credit Union Community College Scholarships
  • Tribal Casino Gaming Enterprise Endowed Scholarship
  • Tri-County Community College Foundation Endowment
  • Tri-County Community College Foundation Excellence Award

Non-Institutional Scholarships

Golden LEAF Scholars Program - Available to degree-seeking students for tuition, fees, and related expenses. Scholarship is need and merit based and will be prorated each semester if the student is not enrolled full-time. If a student fails to enroll, the remaining funds will be awarded to another eligible student. The scholarship may be renewed for one year if the student meets eligibility criteria. Applicant must be a NC resident, reside in a rural county that is tobacco dependent, or economically distressed as determined by the Golden LEAF Foundation, have a current FAFSA application submitted to Dept. of Education, must complete the scholarship application (including signature and date), include “unofficial” most current transcript with application, and submit to the Financial Aid Office. Submit your application at the Harper Building on the main campus or the Shope Building at the Graham County Center.
Application Deadline - June 10, 2024
Download Application

Golden LEAF OE Scholars Program - Available to Occupational Education (non-curriculum education) students. Scholarship funds are limited to tuition, books, fees, supplies and other related costs including transportation. Eligible students must demonstrate a need and be enrolled in a Workforce Continuing Education (WCE) pathways/courses offered at least 96 hours or more and leading to a State or industry-recognized credential. Applicant must be a NC resident, reside in a rural county that is tobacco dependent, or economically distressed as determined by the Golden LEAF Foundation, and meet one of the following criteria: currently unemployed, has received notification of a pending layoff, working and is eligible for the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit, or working and earning wages at or below two hundred percent (200%) of the federal poverty guidelines. Applicant must complete the scholarship application (including signature and date). Submit your application at the Harper Building on the main campus or the Shope Building at the Graham County Center.
Application Deadline - June 10, 2024
Download Application

Golden Leaf Scholarship for Students Attending Public Universities & Private Colleges & Universities - The Golden LEAF Scholars Program is designed to assist current high school seniors and North Carolina community college transfer students. Recipients must be from certain rural counties, demonstrate both financial need and merit, and plan to attend participating North Carolina colleges and universities. The scholarship is funded by the Golden LEAF Foundation through a grant to the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority. The number of years of scholarship support depends on the degree sought and the number of credits transferred. To apply, visit the page found at the following LINK.

SECU Bridge to Career Program Scholarship Application - The SECU Bridge to Career program is currently available to all 58 North Carolina Community Colleges and helps remove financial barriers for students seeking state-regulated or industry-recognized credentials that lead to sustainable wage careers within their communities. SECU Bridge to Career provides funding for $500 scholarships, to be awarded to up to 30 eligible students at each of the 58 NC Community College campuses. The SECU Bridge to Career program has supported community college workforce development and continuing education students across North Carolina since 2018.

SECU Bridge to Career Program focuses on assisting unemployed and underemployed adults, military veterans, and members of the National Guard with marketable job skills that lead to sustainable wage careers within their communities. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled in a program that leads to a state-recognized or industry-supported credential, as identified by the NC Workforce Credentials Advisory Council. Interested candidates should contact Jennifer Angelopulos, Educational Navigator, at 828-835-4238.

Goodnight Scholars Program
NC State’s Largest Full-Tuition Scholarship program. The Goodnight Scholars Program prepares North Carolina's top STEM talent to become transformational leaders at NC State University, in North Carolina, and in the world.

The Goodnight Scholars Program was created to assist low- and middle-income families in North Carolina with the financial obligations of college, while providing enriching and meaningful programming to prepare them for successful careers in STEM and STEM education. Interested in becoming a Goodnight Scholar? Click here to learn more about the program and how to apply.

O'Berry Scholarship -$1000- Would you like a $1,000 to go towards your college education? If you meet our criteria, we may have a scholarship for you! OBCF is offering $1,000 scholarships to four students entering college or already in college who have the intent to work in careers that help the developmentally disabled.  See our requirements and additional information at:

Be sure to check back during the Fall semester if any of the above scholarship deadlines have passed.

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Financial Aid Disbursement Dates

Financial aid refunds are disbursed to currently enrolled students AFTER attendance is monitored each semester. TCCC will transfer each student’s remaining funds to BankMobile, a division of Customers Bank, approximately four to five weeks after the first day of classes each semester. BankMobile will apply each student’s refund to his/her selected refund preference. Students enrolled in classes that start later in the semester will receive refunds at a later date using the same disbursement method above. For information about BankMobile, please visit BankMobile

Multiple Class Sessions - Students who register for four and eight week class sessions during each semester and receive financial aid will not receive funding for these classes until approximately 4-5 weeks after they have begun. According to Federal/State guidelines, students cannot receive Federal/State funds for classes until those classes have begun and class attendance has been taken. For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office.

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