High School Partnership

YES. TCCC offers opportunities for high school students to earn college credit under the North Carolina Career and College Promise program. This program provides affordable opportunities for students interested in transfer courses, technical courses, or our Early College program.

What about AP classes?
AP classes can play an important role in your application to some universities and four-year colleges, and you should carefully discuss your options with your counselor. It’s important to remember, though, that if you complete a college-transfer course in the Dual Enrollment program, your credit is guaranteed.

No. Other than the fact that you won’t have to pay tuition, you will be treated with the same respect afforded all our students. Remember, however, that this respect works both ways. You will be treated as an adult, and you’ll be expected to act like one.

Check out these cost savings. Most likely you won’t be enrolled full-time every semester you dual enroll, but you can see that your savings add up quickly.

SchoolCost for four semestersCost of CCP Enrollment for four semesters of full-time enrollmentSavings
Tri-County Community College$3,317$0$3,317
UNC - Asheville$8,822$0$8,822
Western Carolina University$8,660$0$8,660
Appalachian State University$8,850$0$8,850
NC State University$10,948$0$10,948
UNC - Chapel Hill$11,250$0$11,250
Montreat College$41,152$0$41,152
Mars Hill College$41,698$0$41,698
Gardner-Webb University$42,340$0$42,340

Note: Figures are for tuition and fees only and do not include the cost of textbooks, room and board, or living expenses. Tuition and fees information based on Fall 2009 figures from www.collegeboard.com

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