Enrollment Guide

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How to Enroll at TCCC

Get Started in 9 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Will I be able to get in?

The College operates under an Open Door admission policy, which means we are flexible enough that anyone who wants to improve their education will have the opportunity. Some programs have special admissions requirements, so take a look at our program offerings online or in the General Catalog and Student Handbook available on campus.

Step 2 – How do I apply?

Step 3 – What do I need to do to complete the admissions process?

Step 4 – Do you offer help with the cost?

Step 5 – How do I decide what classes to take?

Step 6 – How do I register for classes?

Step 7 – Where and how do I pay for classes?

Step 8 – Where and how do I pay for my books?

Step 9 – What else do I need to do?