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This unique program provides employability skills training for unemployed and underemployed adults. The framework addresses one or all of the following core components:

  • Assessment of an individual’s assets and limitations
  • Development of a positive self-concept
  • Employability skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Awareness of the impact of information technology in the workplace
  • Assessment
  • Employment training
  • Career development

These classes provide the knowledge and skills necessary for keeping or advancing in your job and are offered regularly by the College. In addition, all registration fees are waived for qualified students.

Career Pathway and Employability Skills Training Center:

The new Career Pathway and Employability Skills Training Center is located in Crisp 109. It offers several computers and additional resources to aide in job search and development. It is open for your convenience at any time.  Come by during open lab hours for additional one on one assistance with any job related activity. Lab times are posted below and also outside of the career center. If you would like to make an appointment, please feel free to contact Dotie Stafford-Ortega (828-835-4208). We hope to see you soon!

TCCC-Main Campus (Drop In)
Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Services available during Career Center hours:

  • Resume' Assistance
  • Job search and application
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Career Exploration
  • Identification of Learning Styles
  • Study Techniques
  • Self-Paced review for WorkKeys assessments
  • Employment Soft Skills training

Employer Services:

Services for community employers includes a pre-screened ready for employment pool of students seeking internship opportunities and/or employment.

If you are a seeking employment, come by Crisp 106 and register. Registering will allow me to look for work opportunities specific to individual needs.


With the ever changing labor market, TCCC offers HRD classes to help prepare you for future employment. Employers are seeking those who have not only the appropriate training, but soft skills that lead to the "total package". If you would like to brush up on your soft skills, please contact me for information about classes that can enhance your abilities, and lead to employment.

Fall 2019:

Main Campus Employability Lab (HRD 3002): The lab offers an opportunity to drop in between the provided hours and receive assistance with resumes, job applications, interviewing techniques, career exploration, and anything else career related. Crisp Building, Room 106, Contact hrs.

Instructor: Stafford-Ortega
Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
NOW-December 19, 2019

Get Hired in (HRD-3005): This one-week 24-hour course is designed to help unemployed or underemployed adults utilize technology and develop the basic computer skills necessary to successfully apply for employment. Crisp Building. Room 108. Minimum 5 students. Class will begin after the minimum number of students is registered.

1. NC Works Online: This class will provide an overview of NCWorks online. Students will learn how to post a resume online, find the latest job openings, and find information on local employers. Students will also learn how to set up an individual NCWorks online account. Through exploration and attainment of the NCWorks online account, students will explore local careers, set personal and professional goals, gain personal development, and provide the instructor with a written plan of action for career development.

2. Applications 101: This class is designed to help students understand why completing an application is an essential part of the hiring and interview process. Students will examine multiple job search strategies using technology, and how to fill out paper/online applications.

3. Make Your Resume Work for You: This class will provide students with the fundamental skills for building an effective resume in Microsoft Office, while learning what it means to develop a positive self-concept.

4. Tips to Nail the Interview: This class focuses on the interview skills needed to secure a job offer. Students will learn effective communication skills needed to be successful in each phases of the interview process.

Instructor: Dotie Stafford-Ortega

Technology Awareness (HRD 3005): This class will cover basic computer skills and programs, but focus primarily on workrelated computer tasks such as: development of keyboarding, word-processing, internet awareness, technology based job search strategies, applying for employment online, and accessing various work and educational resources. Crisp Building, Room 106, Membership hrs.

Instructor: Veronica Lu

8:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

If you are seeking employment or employed and would like to take this course, please call Dotie Stafford-Ortega and be put on an interest list.

Money Smart (HRD 3008): This course is designed to give participants the necessary knowledge to successfully manage current and future finances. This course will discuss how to balance a checking and savings account, pay off debt, effectively coupon, apply for a loan, and much more.

Instructor: Stafford-Ortega
Crisp GED Lab

Motivation and Retention The following classes are designed to provide employability skills training to assist with transition, retention, and advancement in the workplace. They are also fee waived for unemployed and underemployed adults who meet the tuition and fee waiver criteria.

Employability Skills: What Employers Want to See (HRD-3006): 24 hours. Marketing yourself to a potential employer involves knowing what employers are looking for and demonstrating that you can meet that need. Most people think about hard skills, educational experience, but there are other attributes that are important in the workplace.

Participants in this course will be introduced to:

• Conflict resolution techniques

• Problem-solving strategies

• Concepts in teamwork and how to practice in the workplace

• Communication – understanding enhancers and inhibitors

• Workplace attitude – understanding the why and how it effects the workplace and strategies for positive mental outlook.

Motivation and Retention: How to Stay Employed (HRD-3006): 24 hours. This class provides the student with the skills necessary to “keep” a job .once it is attained as well as how to advance within the workplace. Emphasis is placed on attitude and work ethic. Students also evaluate the importance of understanding necessary components for balancing work, school, and family. Assessments will be administered to determine student understanding and comprehension of workplace ethics and interactions.

Working Smart (HRD-4100): 24-30 hours. This class is a soft-skills program designed to provide job-seekers the work and life skills that enhance employee productivity. Employers are looking for candidates who have the “soft skills” that lead to success in the workplace in the following ways: Communication; Problem Solving; Time Management; Accountability

AdvanceU Seminars (HRD-3006)

AdvanceU seminars are designed to assist unemployed and underemployed adults with gaining the necessary skills to find, keep, or advance in the workplace.


In this 24-hour class students will receive instruction on the following topics:

Telephone Skills for Administrative/Front Desk Professionals: The person answering the phone or attending the desk is the hub of the office. Learn the importance of tone, diction, clear communication, addressing callers, dealing with angry callers, transferring callers, and doing it all with a smile.

The Indispensable Assistant: Learn practical skills to become the indispensable assistant that is productive, organized, and motivated. Be indispensable as you manage time, work independently and handle the pressure of multiple deadlines, and bosses.

Managing Multiple Projects: One of the most valuable skills an employee can possess is the ability to manage multiple tasks and projects concurrently. Learn the best techniques and tools available to become more proactive on the job and how to remain in control as you eliminate anxiety.

Breaking Bad Communication Habits: Learn strategies to become an effective communicator and better understand the basics of good communication. Also, explore the typical mistakes employees make, how to avoid them, how to listen effectively, and how to communicate clearly through written and non-verbal communication.


In this 24-hour class students will receive instruction on the following topics:

The Assertive Manager/Supervisor: Gain the essential communication skills needed to manage with greater confidence and authority. Learn how to speak assertively, handle problems quickly and effectively, and encourage employees to bring solutions to the table. In addition, this section will include instruction on how to professionally deal with employees who question the supervisor’s authority.

Coaching and Teambuilding: A successful manager, supervisor or team leader in today’s workplace is a lot like coaching a winning team. High-performing teams are created by skilled leaders who know how to motivate, inspire, mentor, and lead their people to success. Learn the newest innovative techniques, tools, and to build the ultimate successful team.

Diversity in The Workplace: This course will tap into the hidden power of how employees’ differences can build a workplace of respect and a strong foundation of organizational culture. Learn about hidden biases and stereotypes and how to effectively communicate and work together. Diversity considerations will include race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. By embracing a diverse workforce, an organization is better qualified to serve diverse customers and communities.

Managing Millennials and a Younger Workforce: Take a closer look at the newest entrants into the workplace. Learn how to communicate, motivate, develop and retain these talented newcomers in today’s multigenerational workforce.

Specialty Training

HRD 4000 Introduction to Human Services: DSS Income Maintenance Caseworker
This course covers skills and strategies designed to provide employability skills and training and career exploration for the role of Income Maintenance Caseworker within the Division of Social Services agencies.
50 Hours
Instructors: Missy Thorpe
Becky Grindstaff

This class is held at the end of the Spring semester, if you are interested please call Dotie Stafford-Ortega

HSE 3220 Income Maintenance Caseworker-NC Fast
This course is designed to cover a variety of skills associated with the Income Maintenance Caseworker service eligibility. Specific focus will include proficiency in the utilization of the NCFAST application. Other topics will include skills in communication, interviewing, time management, data gathering/compiling, and data analysis.
Prerequisite: HRD 4000 (50 Hours must to be completed)
48 Hours

Career Keys Preparation Class (HRD 3002): Need assistance with Work Keys? Want to practice before the big test? Come during any employability lab time and receive assistance that will increase your score. TCCC has software that will help you with step by step tasks and workbooks available.

Pathways to Healthcare Professions (HRD 3003): Prepare to learn about healthcare programs of study, and what will be expected of you as a student and member of the healthcare community. This class will prepare students for entrance into the Nurse Aide I and EMT programs. Students will learn about email, TCCC usernames, and obtain a student I.D. Assistance will be provided in meeting necessary pre-enrollment requirements, along with meeting the instructors, touring facilities, local labor market information, and the creation of a resume. You will also learn tips to help balance school, work, and family life.

Minimum 6- Please contact Dotie Stafford-Ortega for pre-registration

*Call if interested in this class

HRD-Graham County

Career Center Hours

Employability Lab (HRD 3002): The lab offers an opportunity to drop in between the provided hours and receive assistance with resumes, job applications, interviewing techniques, career exploration, and anything else career related. Shope Building. Room 2.

By appointment

Stay tuned...Other HRD classes will be added soon that may further assist with employment in today's growing job market.

For additional information on class dates and services provided by the Tri-County Community College HRD - Career Center, please call: Dotie Stafford-Ortega (828) 835-4208

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