Collection of Delinquent Accounts

 If a problem with an STA payment plan exists, financial aid is not approved for a student with a financial aid deferment issued by the Financial Aid Office, a student drops and is not entitled to his/her financial aid, or a sponsorship declines payment for any reason, the account is the student's responsibility and becomes delinquent on the last day of the academic semester for which the charges are incurred.

Attempts are made during the semester for collection; however, if collection is not successful, accounts are submitted for collection through the NC Department of Revenue, and collection agencies, as necessary until collection is successful. Students may not register, receive transcripts, or graduate until outstanding debts are paid. Interest and penalties may be incurred on delinquent accounts submitted for collection.

The college prefers that students make arrangements with the Business Office for payment of delinquent accounts prior to them being submitted for collection of other means. For more information on collection of outstanding accounts, please contact Heather Kilmer at (828) 835-4276 or Eden Orr (828) 835-4220.

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