Financial Aid Census Dates

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Upcoming Financial Aid Census Dates

Fall 2020 – September 2, 2020
Spring 2021 – February 1, 2021 
Summer 2021 – June 9, 2021


What is a Financial Aid Census date?

The Financial Aid Census Date is the point at which a student’s enrollment status is “locked” for financial aid purposes. A student must register for all courses or make necessary adjustments for the semester prior to or during the drop/add period. For example, if a student registered full time at the beginning of the term and then dropped credits before the financial aid census date, the student’s financial aid is then revised to match their eligibility based on the number of credits enrolled in as of the Financial Aid Census Date and types of aid that were awarded.
Credits added after the Financial Aid Census Date cannot be used to increase financial aid eligibility. This includes any 4- or 8-week accelerated course(s).

What does this mean for a student who receives financial aid?