SAP Notification & Appeals



Each student’s financial aid eligibility status will be updated at the end of each semester. Students will be notified of their SAP status via their student email account. Students are responsible for knowing their SAP status. Failure to receive the SAP notification or not enrolling for one or more semesters does not change the student’s status.

Explanation of Terms Related to SAP Status

Satisfactory: “Satisfactory” status is achieved when the GPA, completion rate, and maximum time frame requirements are met.

Warning: “Warning” status is assigned to students who fail to meet the eligibility standards for the completion rate and/or GPA requirements during their first period of enrollment. Students with a “Warning” status may continue to receive financial aid for ONE additional semester provided all other eligibility requirements are met.  This gives the student the opportunity to improve his/her academic results. A student is responsible for meeting SAP standards by the end of the warning period (semester).

Probation on Appeal: “Probation on Appeal” status is assigned to a student who fails to make SAP and who has had their eligibility reinstated as the result of an appeal (See “Appeal Process” section below). A “Probation on Appeal” student will only receive financial aid for ONE additional semester. A “Probation on Appeal” student may not receive financial aid for subsequent payment periods unless:

How to Regain Financial Aid Eligibility

If a student has lost his/her financial aid by failing to maintain SAP, the following options are available to regain eligibility:

NOTE: Students should contact the Financial Aid Office when they believe that they have regained eligibility, in the meantime, students seeking to regain eligibility for financial aid remain ineligible and must be prepared to pay tuition, fees and other related expenses.

Appeal Process

Although a student may lose his/her financial aid eligibility, the student has the right to appeal their status to the Financial Aid Committee and possibly have eligibility reinstated due to mitigating circumstances* that can be documented..  A student that submits a SAP Appeal Form will have his/her overall academic history evaluated by the Financial Aid Committee. If the appeal is granted, the student will be placed either on “Probation on Appeal” or “Continued Probation.” The student will receive a Financial Aid Academic Plan Form, informing him/her of their appeal status and instructions for completion.

The procedure to appeal is as follows:

  1. A student must complete a SAP APPEAL FORM and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.  You can also download the form at this link.
  2. In order to be considered for appeal in a given semester, a student’s SAP Appeal Form must be accompanied by supporting documentation and received by the published first day of classes for the semester planning to re-enroll.
  3. The Financial Aid Office and/or Committee will review the appeal and notify the student of its decision.
  4. The decision of the Financial Aid Committee is final.

*Mitigating circumstances may include an injury or illness of the student, death of a relative, change in employment situations, and/or undue hardship caused by special circumstances.

Possible Outcomes of Appeals

Appeal Granted – Probation on Appeal: If the student is placed on “Probation on Appeal,” the student will only receive financial aid for ONE additional semester. If the student does not meet SAP standards at the end of the designated semester, he/she will lose all financial aid eligibility.

Appeal Granted – Continued Probation: If the student is placed on “Continued Probation,” the student will receive financial aid while following an Academic Plan. The student will be required to meet specific criteria and make progress up to a designated period of time. If the student does not meet the requirements at any point during the plan duration, he/she will lose all financial aid eligibility.

What is an Academic Plan?

The Financial Aid Committee will structure an Academic Plan based on the content of a student’s appeal. The plan will include specific requirements the student must meet to assist in the completion of his/her program of study and to continue receiving financial aid. Also, the student will be required to complete a Financial Aid Academic Plan Form with the college counselor and with his/her advisor and submit the form to the Financial Aid Office. As long as the student is making satisfactory progress, he/she will remain on “Continued Probation” status for the designated period of time. If the student fails to meet the requirements set forth in the Academic Plan, the student will lose all financial aid eligibility and aid will not be reinstated until the student is making SAP.

Appeal Denied: If the appeal is denied, financial aid will not be reinstated until the student has met all SAP standards.

For further explanation of SAP and related issues, please contact the Tri-County Community College Financial Aid Office at 828-837-6810.